The Writing Studio

Deb McKew Writing at an outdoor cafe in Siena, Italy

Writing at an outdoor cafe in Siena, Italy

The Words in Play writing studio is any place writers meet in a desire to share their craft. It can be a coffee shop, a community room, a living room, the bow of a boat, an olive grove in Tuscany, or the deck of a lakefront cottage. It doesn’t really matter where writers meet, as long as they are dedicated to creativity and collaboration; a writing studio is simply a place where writers write. At a writing studio, writers, experienced or not, gather to learn and practice writing skills in a supportive, engaging, relaxed environment.

The word “studio” finds its origins in the Latin word “studere” meaning “zeal.”

At Words in Play writing workshops, students share their enthusiasm for writing and learn from each other in new ways. Here you will discover that writing is fun. When you enjoy doing something, you will improve at it, fast.

The goal of the workshops is to help students achieve greater success in academic and professional pursuits, no matter what the subject.

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