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Writing with Class

If you want to know how powerful a writing workshop can be, read Writing with Class. This collection of stories and poems, written by an eclectic group of seven writers from the Kearsarge area of New Hampshire, is a testament to the power of writing with others. Click here for more info

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Words

Letter blocksWords are Playful Things

They want to sing and dance, climb rocks, swim in the ocean, fly like birds. They are tricky little things, too. Sometimes, just when you think you know them, they change.

At Words in Play

Awaken your senses…to the sounds, smells, tastes, textures, and colors all around you.

Surrender to inspiration…immerse yourself in your craft.

Encourage your muse…listen closely to her whispers.

Coax your memories…connect to times long past and emotions buried beneath the layers of your life.

Venture into new worlds…experience life from a different point of view.

Frisk, bound, explore, unfurl, reveal, entice—PLAY with your words.

The Power of Words

Words can make you laugh or cry; they can spur you to action or encourage you to stop and think.

Words can help you sort out your problems or teach you how to build something useful.

Words are the tools with which you can tell a story that needs telling.

Words are sometimes magical, occasionally obtuse, often fun, but always interesting.

Keep Writing…who knows where it can lead…

“Under Deb's guidance, the workshops provide a wealth of inspiration and revelation. The opportunity to explore and share the writer's craft in a relaxed, yet safe haven quickly fosters a bond of camaraderie within the group. This magical combination encourages and nurtures the emergence of even the most inhibited literary voice.”
—Joan Rodewald
 South Sutton, NH

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