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One is never too young or too old to discover the writer within. Anyone can write and everyone has something to say. Words in Play workshops inspire you to tap into your creative spirit, awaken your powers of observation and recollection, and find your voice.

“Deb's enthusiasm for the workshop was contagious. She encouraged each of us to try new approaches to the creative writing and thinking process.”
—Roberta Stoneman
 New London, NH

The interactive workshop environment encourages participants to provide and receive quality feedback, which is an important skill, not only for writing but for life.

A variety of adult workshops run throughout the year in six-week blocks. The workshop format includes writing exercises, lessons on craft and critiques of student work. The groups are often an eclectic mix of ages, abilities and styles—different voices come together to share and learn from each other. That is the wonder of it.

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Workshop Descriptions:

Creative Writing

To create means having the power to bring into being; creativity is characterized by originality and expressiveness. This creative writing workshop will awaken the students’ powers of observation, imagination, and language. Each class is designed to help students discover and develop their unique voices in a format that includes writing exercises, lessons on craft, and critiques of submitted work.

The Writer’s Craft

Even seasoned writers need to polish their craft every now and then. Staying in good form is a matter of practice. So, if you need help with developing characters or plotting their every move, writing believable dialogue or choosing a point of view, finding just the right word and writing sentences with flair, then this is the workshop for you.

And the Plot Thickens

Are your characters stuck on the page? Is there a dam in your narrative flow? What exactly is plot and how can you make sure yours thickens in a way that makes your readers want to keep reading? This six-week workshop focuses on the interconnectedness between character, emotion, conflict, setting and thematic significance; in a word, plot. You’ll learn the techniques of good plotting through in-class exercises, readings, and feedback on your work in group discussions. Whether you are at the beginning stages of a story or in the throes of revision, expect to push your plot—and your project—forward.

The Art of the Personal Essay

Essays are in vogue again. It seems every magazine, newspaper and blog you open publishes personal essays. Here is your chance to try your hand at it. In this four-week course, you will learn how to generate ideas, shape them into a timely message and polish off for submission to local magazines and newspapers.

Spice up Your Writing with Sensuous Imagery

Texture, color, sound, smell and savory delights—sensory details are the paints a writer uses to create vivid images on a page. This workshop will help awaken your powers of observation and teach you to use all of your senses to write captivating prose. The workshop format includes writing exercises, lessons on craft and practice providing and receiving quality feedback.

All the News that’s Fit to Print

Learn how to write feature articles for newspapers and magazines. This workshop will cover all the basics—from developing story ideas to interviewing and quoting sources to writing great leads. We will explore what makes a story newsworthy and how to find an angle that will make the piece uniquely yours

Grammar and Style

Modifiers, adjectives, m-dashes, participles. How do we know when we’ve violated their conventions, and why do such violations make us cringe even if we don’t recognize the reason? How and why do some violations liberate us?  We will learn the rules in order to play with them to use language in clever ways. With grammar under our belt, we can turn to style and consider how writers have uniquely applied these rules to heighten their writing, or add depth to their meaning.

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