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What is a creative writing workshop? It’s an experience that encourages collaboration.

Writing is not a solitary act. It is a process that meanders and loops, follows a thread, back tracks, side steps and moves forward. The writing workshop is a safe environment where ideas are born, tossed around, shaped, and polished.

And then there’s feedback. My dear friend and colleague, Joni B. Cole, wrote an entire book about feedback–here’s her definition: Feedback is anything that helps the writer write more, write better and have fun. No one writes well in a vacuum, and who wants to anyway?

Express Yourself

You have a lot to say and there are many ways of saying it. There is no right or wrong way in a creative writing workshop.

Enjoy the Experience

The goal is to have fun while you improve your writing skills.  All that is required is that you are open to the process and are willing to explore.

Writing is a process of discovery; if you are open to taking a detour now and again, there is no end to the wonders you will find. Take the journey with us!

Adult Workshops

Youth Workshops

“Under Deb's guidance, the workshops provide a wealth of inspiration and revelation. The opportunity to explore and share the writer's craft in a relaxed, yet safe haven quickly fosters a bond of camaraderie within the group. This magical combination encourages and nurtures the emergence of even the most inhibited literary voice.”
—Joan Rodewald
 South Sutton, NH

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