Piano Tuner - Kearsarge Magazine article
Piano Tuner

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Kearsarge Magazine

What is Beauty? - Kearsarge Magazine article
What is Beauty?

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Kearsarge Magazine

A Taste for Life - Upper Valley Life article
A Taste for Life

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Upper Valley Life

Spirit of the Ride - Upper Valley Life article
Spirit of the Ride

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Upper Valley Life

A Fish Called Tilapia (612KB PDF)
A Fish Called Tilapia

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Kearsarge Magazine

Hopewell Farms is New Hampshire’s first producer of Farm-Raised Tilapia (grown in their own enclosed aquaculture system).

Other Articles related to Environment/Sustainable Farming:

Earth Day Every Day

When in Vermont, Think Cheese


Compass Travel website
Compass Travel


Katherine Armstrong, Business Consultant


Hutchens Design


Books (edited)

Finding the Gray - book
Finding the Gray:

Understanding and Thriving In the Black and White World of Autism and Asperger’s
By Dr. Timothy Walhberg


Searching for Hawaii on Cape Cod

Young Adult Novel
By Sally Wright

Wheat: The Staff of Life or Toxic Staple?

Begin Your Journey toward Better Health, Renewed Energy and Greater Longevity
By Anne Sarkisian


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