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Finding the Gray - bookWho Needs an Editor?

Every writer needs an editor. Even the great American novelist, Ernest Hemingway, had an editor. He rewrote the ending to his classic novel “Farewell to Arms” 39 times.

Writing Is Not a Solitary Act

Good writing evolves; first, put your thoughts on paper, then, step back to gain perspective, solicit feedback, revise and rewrite. Revision isn’t extra work; it is the work. Revision is  where the magic happens. A good editor helps you create the magic (like the magician’s assistant, who is a necessary part of the act, but never takes center stage).

Good editing is not about putting the commas in the right places, it’s about getting the writer to “see again.”

Good editing is not about the editor. It’s about the writer. A good editor is invisible to the reader. When the voice of the writer shines through the words, the editor has done her job.

“I don't think I could have completed my book without Deb's help. She was meticulous and honest in her appraisal. She knew how to ask me the right questions that enabled me to clarify my thoughts and present the material in a more straightforward way. I would recommend her to anyone who needs an editor.”
—Dr. Timothy Wahlberg, PhD
 author of Finding the Gray: Understanding and Thriving in the Black & White World of Autism and Asperger's

Areas of Specialization

Feedback on manuscripts (non-fiction; memoir)

If you are in the early stages of development, and get stuck, I can provide techniques to get you to the next stage.
If you have a first draft done, I can give you an honest assessment of how the manuscript flows, what is missing, what is working, what is not working.
If you are in second or third draft, I can help you polish for publication.

Copy editing – line edits

Copy editing means making sure the grammar is correct, the sentence structures underscore your meaning, and the flow works.


This is the final stage before publication. Proofreading means finding any minor errors in punctuation, spelling and grammar. Proofreading is very different from copyediting.

Every manuscript is unique. Contact Words in Play for a customized quote.

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