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This collection of stories and poems, written by an eclectic group of seven writers from the Kearsarge area of New Hampshire, is a testament to the power of writing with others.

The creative pieces in this anthology cover a range of genres including memoir, short stories, personal essays, poetry, novel excerpts, flash fiction, and children’s literature. The authors include Helen P. Bridge, of Sunapee, Jenny Menning, of Sutton, Susan Joy Bellavance of Newbury, Trudy Cohen of Croydon, Roberta (Bobbi) Stoneman of New London, Sally L. Wright, of Concord, and Joan Chandler, of Sunapee. This diverse group of women have been meeting for several years in Deb McKew’s creative writing workshops. Each of these writers has been published in other venues including local magazines and online outlets.

“If this book doesn’t motivate you to gather up some like-minded people, circle the comfy chairs, and shout, Let’s write! Let’s write, together! I can’t imagine what will. The quality of the diverse stories, poems, and essays within these pages speaks for itself, but also what fun to see the prompts that inspired these works, and to know the stories behind the stories. In “Writing with Class,” workshop leader Deb McKew proves once and for all that the path to becoming a writer doesn’t have to be a lonely road.”
Joni Cole, author of Toxic Feedback: Helping Writers Survive and Thrive

The authors

Meet an eclectic group of writers who discovered that playing with words can be a whole lot of fun.

Writing With Class group

Class Act: (left to right) Front: Jenny Menning, Susan Joy Bellavance, Joan Chandler, Trudy Cohen; Back: Sally L. Wright, Deb McKew, Helen P. Bridge, Roberta (Bobbi) B. Stoneman.

From their pens

Enjoy a collection of stories that will have you laughing out loud, reminiscing, wiping away tears, and wanting to write your own stories.

Invitation to play

You can play, too! Be inspired to try the writing prompts yourself—alone or with write mates


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Paperback: 202 pages
Publisher: Back Channel Press, Portsmouth, NH
Copyright © 2011 by Deb McKew, Helen Bridge, Jenny Menning, Susan Joy Bellavance, Trudy Cohen, Roberta Baldwin Stoneman, Sally L. Wright, and Joan Chandler
ISBN 13: 978-1-934582-32-9
Price: $14.95

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