Teaching Writing to College Students

I’ve just started a new semester teaching writing at Colby-Sawyer College, in New London, NH. I am only teaching one section, this term, but I love the kids in my class. They are engaged and engaging. They have a lot to say.

I have been a writing instructor at the college for a few years now. I really enjoy working with young people; they see the world so differently from where I stand. It’s scary, but uplifting at the same time.

I know I have something to impart to these kids. Sometimes, I get frustrated that they arrive in my classroom with very limited writing skills. Sometimes, they come with expectations that college should be easy, after all, many of them coasted through high school. But, I don’t let them off the hook. I would not be doing them any favors if I did. No, my philosophy is to teach them the skills that they need; they may not like it at first, but they do appreciate it in the end.

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